Stop a winding up petition killing your company

As mentioned before it is the advertising of the winding up petition that has the killing effect on the company as the bank will freeze the account so you will not be able to pay wages etc.  Once this has happened the only way to access it is to apply for a validation order.

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Here are some actual case studies where winding up petitions have been adjourned/dismissed or  aggressive creditors have been persuaded to withdraw applications and agree to a CVA Proposal.

We are experts in how to defend companies that have had winding up petitions issued against them in a vast array of different situations.

The following case studies have had their precise details changed to protect our confidential client / advisor relationship. However, all ARE REAL clients, are currently trading, are in a CVA or have concluded the CVA (by buying out of it or being acquired).

We can put you in touch with some of these companies’ directors who will tell you warts and all about our approach!

  1. Renewals Sector firm served with winding up petition for £70k.
  2. Telephone Answering Service Company served winding up petition from HMRC
  3. Health drink retailer served a winding up petition by its former landlord
  4. Haulage business in North London served winding up petition by HMRC
  5. Scottish CVA – Gas Sector Services company – Defeating a Winding up Petition
  6. Media company served winding up petition by supplier.